Arriving In The Greatest Country In The World

Arrive from 30° to 0° and back in a little more than a week. Quite a shock but also a nice change. But after all, it feels good to be back in warmer temperatures.

Our adventure in Hawaii started in Honolulu which feels like any other big city but has Waikiki beach at its doorstep. Set to countless movies and typifies the meaning of surfing, relaxing, and enjoying life. Waikiki beach is …well… let’s say it’s a beach. It is packed with numerous resorts and the beach itself is covered with tourists lying belly to belly next to each other. It’s almost a miracle if you spot sand corn. But besides Waikiki beach, Oahu has much more to offer. egypt visa application forms

We went to the north shore by bus along the coast. It took us 3 hours… but the scenery was nice and the bus air-conditioned. Once we finally arrived we walked along the beach which was actually really nice and quite. There were hardly any people around. It was a great getaway from the busy city of Honolulu.

The next day we went to the infamous US military base Pearl Harbour. It was here that the surprise Japanese attack on December 7, 1941, hurtled the US into war in the Pacific. Today Pearl Harbor is still home to an active and mind-bogglingly enormous US naval base. Every year 1.5 million tourists visit Pearl Harbor’s unique collection of war memorials and museums.

Therefore it was very crowded and as we didn’t want to wait till the early afternoon to see the Pearl Harbour Memorial, we just went to the USS Missouri Memorial. So we stood on the decks of the ʻMighty Mo’ battleship, where imperial Japan surrendered in 1945.

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We also walked to the top of the nearby volcano Diamond Head. Diamond Head is O‘ahu’s best-known landmark. It’s a tuff cone and crater formed by a violent steam explosion long after most of the island’s other volcanic activity had stopped. On top, an amazing view over Honolulu was offered to us. Definitely worth some pictures. The urge to get out of the city was big, so we continued our journey to Maui.

But until then, so long…